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For any additional questions regarding recruitment, email our VP of Recruitment at 


Business fraternity recruitment is an exciting opportunity for students to explore the world of professional development, networking, and leadership within a specialized community. PSE recruitment consists of two rounds. 3-4 open events (open to all) and closed events (invite only). 

What is business fraternity recruitment?

What should I talk about?

Always be yourself! Maintain a respectful and professional manner but show us who you are. Feel free to ask actives any appropriate questions, and make sure to tell us about you! Avoid topics about alcohol, partying, drugs, and don't swear. 

Does my major matter?

Nope! PSE is open to all majors and we encourage anyone to come out if they have an interest in business. PSE proudly has members in Kelley, SPEA, Arts and Sciences, Hamilton Lugar, and Jacobs!

Check out the Recruitment page for specific information regarding the dress code for each event. Refer to the graphics below for what those may look like. If you don't own some attire, don't worry, showing up matters the most!

What should I wear?


Who should I talk to?

Everyone! It is very important to talk to many of our members and get your name out there. Don't leave conversations too early, but don't hold yourself back from connecting with more of our amazing brothers!

What if I can't make an event?

No problem, attending all open events is not required. Simply email us or submit a response on the Contact page on this website.

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